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Tianjin Tangfa Watts Valve Co., Ltd.(TFW VALVE) was established in 2002 , registered capital of 10.8 million RMB. The company was formerly known as Tianjin Tangfa watts valve Sales Co., Ltd. TFW valve are mainly dedicated to the development, production and sales of medium and low pressure soft seal valves. The main products include: concentric butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve,metal seated butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, hard seal gate valve, Gost gate valve,dual plate check valve, swing check valve, Y strainer and other products. The annual production capacity is over 8,000 tons.

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Double Flanged Butterfly Valve: Features, Applications, and Top Manufacturers

Introduction: In the realm of industrial valves, the double flanged butterfly valve plays a significant role in regulating fluid flow. This versatile valve is known for its distinctive features and wide range of applications. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of the double flanged

Electric Wafer butterfly valve

Electric butterfly valve, use, chemical, building materials, power station, glass and other industries in the ventilation, environmental protection projects containing dust in the cold or hot air gas pipeline, as a gas medium to regulate the flow or cut off device.Features1、Adopting the new structur

DN50-DN1000 Stainless steel midline pinless wafer butterfly valve

DN50-DN1000 Stainless steel midline pinless wafer butterfly valveValve plateValve seatPressureOperation methodSS316EPDMPN10Electric + ManualAdvantages of midline butterfly valveThe centerline butterfly valve adopts the centerline sealing structure, and the centerline of the butterfly plate seal is c

Gate Valve
DN700-DN800-DN900-DN1000 soft seal gate valve manufacturers has been shipped

DN700-DN800-DN900-DN1000 soft seal gate valve manufacturers has been shippedChina cast iron gate valves suppliersWhat are gate valves generally used forGate valve is the valve that the closing member (gate) moves in the vertical direction along the center line of the pathway. Gate valve in the pipel

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