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  • Desulfurization butterfly valve
    A complete desulfurization system is required in numerous industrial or power fields. At present, the international use is limestone-gypsum wet process, one furnace and one tower desulfurization device, the desulfurization efficiency of this desulfurization device can reach 95.5%. Limestone slurry system after the desulfurization pipeline media will appear strong corrosive, the entire pipeline system and fluid control valves and valve actuators have extremely high requirements. The special butterfly valve for desulfurization is designed and manufactured to meet the special requirements of the desulfurization system.
    The desulfurization and denitrification butterfly valve is designed for power plant desulfurization and denitrification projects, fully considering the corrosion and wear of the desulfurization slurry on the valve, ensuring that the valve plate lining is the only part that can come into contact with the slurry, while other parts are not corroded by the limestone (or lime paste) slurry. As a result, the valve body and stem would not need to be made of expensive alloy (2205) materials, resulting in significant cost savings. The unique seat design of the desulfurization butterfly valve completely separates the valve body from the fluid medium. Compared with other similar valves, it has a better way to firmly seat the valve, quick to replace the seat in place, the valve keeps zero leakage, and low friction. The butterfly valve plate is made of high performance alloy (2205) material, which effectively resists the corrosion and wear of slurry.
  • Customized standard industry application ductile iron basket Strainer for water
    Class: PN10 / 16 / 25
    Flange: ANSI/EN1092.2
    Testing: DIN EN12266
    Size: DN25-DN400
  • Triple eccentric worm gear flange butterfly valve
    butterfly Valve Applicable Standards:
    Design & Manufacture according to : BS 1868
    Face to Face according to : ASME B16.10
    Flange Dimensions according to : ASME B16.5
    Pressure & Temperature according to : ASME B16.34
    Test & Inspection according to : API 6D / API 598
    Visual Inspection according to : MSS SP-55
    Marking according to : MSS SP-25
  • PTFE Full coated butterfly valve lug butterfly valve
    PFA Coating Disc U Section Type Butterfly Valve is economically priced but with higher quality and capability full PTFE lining butterfly valve CODE: CBF04-TU01 has installation without restriction in direction of flow and reduced weight and overall dimensions. PFA Coating Disc U Section Type Butterfly Valve has high Kv
  • DN900 EPDM disc valve body rubberized centerline flange ductile iron butterfly valve for seawater
    DN900 EPDM disc valve body rubberized centerline flange ductile iron butterfly valve for seawater PN16
  • transmission pipe Double flange dresser coupling di dismantling joints carbon steel
    Introduction of dismantling joint
    The dismantling joint consists of the main body, the sealing ring, the gland, the telescopic short pipe and other main parts. It is a new product that connects pumps, valves and other equipment with pipelines.
    It connects them into a whole through full bolts, and has a certain displacement. In this way, it can be adjusted according to the installation size on site during installation and maintenance, and the axial thrust can be transferred back to the whole pipeline during work. This not only improves work efficiency, but also plays a certain protective role for pumps, valves and other equipment.

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