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  • Ductile Iron Flange Spring Double Plate Check Valve
    The double-disc wafer body check valve adopts a flange body design and has a relatively short face-to-face dimension. Double disc spring loaded to provide low cracking pressure.
    Every Wafer Style Double Door Check Valve with Retainerless Valve that we ship is tested to API 598 and must meet or exceed all applicable API, ANSI and ASTM standards.
  • Ball Type Check Valve
    Ball check valve uses bowl classified covered by rubber as valve disc. With the help of medium, the valve disc can roll up-down or right-left to close or open valve. It can avoid water hammer and has good sealing. The valve body adopts the whole water channel, having large flow and low fluid resistance. Head loss is less than swing valve by 50%.
    Ball check valve can be installed vertically or horizontally. It can be used in pipe lines for cold water or hot water. It is quite suitable for diving drainage pump. Applicable temperature is 0~80℃.
  • Din Cast Iron Silent Check Valve PN16
    Available Medium:Water
    Working Temperature:≤50℃
    Flange Dimensions:DIN2501-PN10
  • Titling check valve Hydraulically actuated slow-closing check valves with weights
    Hydraulic slow-closing butterfly check valve is mainly used in the pump outlet of industrial water supply and sewage treatment plants to prevent the backflow of media in the pipe network, automatically eliminate destructive water hammer and ensure that the pump and pipeline are not damaged. Hydraulic slow-closing butterfly check valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve flap, buffer device and miniature adjustment valve. Hydraulic slow-closing butterfly check valve has novel structure, small volume, low fluid resistance, smooth operation, reliable sealing, wear resistance and good buffer performance. It is the best product for industrial water and urban sewage discharge.
  • Flange double plate check valve
    sump pump check valve
  • Wafer swing single plate check valve
    sump pump check valve

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