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Butterfly Valve Features

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Butterfly Valve Features

The butterfly valve uses a disk that can rotate the shaft to control the opening and closing of the straight line. The angle of rotation reflects the opening degree of the valve.

According to different transmission methods, butterfly valves are divided into manual, pneumatic and electric. The commonly used ones are manual, and the rotary handle is transmitted through the gear.

The valve stem is driven to open and close the valve.

Features: Butterfly valve has the advantages of simple structure, quick opening and closing, low fluid resistance, convenient maintenance, etc., but it can not be used for high temperature

In high-pressure occasions, PN is less than 1.6Mpa, t is less than 120 degrees of large-caliber water, steam,

6. Low alloy steel (WC6, WC9) low alloy steel (such as carbon molybdenum steel and chromium molybdenum steel) valves can use a variety of working media, including saturated and superheated steam, cold and hot oil, gas and air. The working temperature of carbon steel valves can be used to 500 ℃, low-alloy steel valves can be used to more than 600 ℃. At high temperatures, the mechanical properties of low alloy steel are higher than carbon steel.

It is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure valves of non-solid medium with working temperature between –29~595℃; C5 and C12 are suitable for high-pressure valves of various thermoplastic media with working temperature between –29~650℃. "


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