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DN50-DN1000 Stainless steel midline pinless wafer butterfly valve

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DN50-DN1000 Stainless steel midline pinless wafer butterfly valve

DN50-DN1000 Stainless steel midline pinless wafer butterfly valve

Valve plate Valve seat Pressure Operation method
EPDM PN10 Electric + Manual

Advantages of midline butterfly valve

The centerline butterfly valve adopts the centerline sealing structure, and the centerline of the butterfly plate seal is consistent with the centerline of the valve body and the rotary centerline of the valve stem. The upper and lower ends of the butterfly plate near the stem are designed as two smooth planes, and are in close contact with the seat liner made of rubber to ensure that the medium does not leak from both ends; the outer edge of the butterfly plate is designed as a spherical outer edge, which should be machined to ensure that its circular surface has a suitable surface roughness, and the seat liner has a suitable surface roughness when molded to ensure the sealing surface area. When closing the valve, the butterfly plate rotates from 0 to 900 and gradually compresses the seat liner made of rubber, so that the elastic force formed by the elastic deformation of the seat liner is used as the necessary sealing ratio pressure to ensure the sealing of the valve.

The midline butterfly valve is designed to reduce flow resistance.

1.The channel is designed with full diameter structure, which ensures the flow area of the valve and reduces the flow resistance when the fluid passes through the valve.

2.The butterfly plate adopts disc-shaped streamline design, which can ensure the stress strength of the center of the butterfly plate, and also ensure that the valve can obtain a       larger flow coefficient and a smaller fluid resistance coefficient.

3.The design of the valve seat seal is a soft sealing structure of rubber with resin skeleton (fixed sleeve), which is inlaid in the valve body after it is made. The inner ring is higher than the inner cavity of the valve body with streamlined design to reduce the purpose of the flow resistance.


Disadvantages of midline butterfly valve

Because of its own structure, the midline butterfly valve can only be made into a soft seal butterfly valve, so the midline butterfly valve can only be used in low pressure and normal temperature working environment, not for high temperature and high pressure working conditions. tfwmgv work boots


Stainless steel butterfly valve

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