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DN600 Hydraulic heavy hammer slow closing flange check valve

Views: 121     Author: hong     Publish Time: 2020-09-04      Origin: TFW VALVE

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DN600 Hydraulic heavy hammer slow closing flange check valve

Heavy hammer hydraulic slow closing flange check valve Ordinary check valve closes fast, it is easy to produce water hammer, make the pressure rise suddenly, damage the pipeline and equipment, and make the noise. The slow-closing check valve solves the problems caused by the rapid closing of ordinary check valves. The slow-closing check valve has the technical characteristics of slow opening and slow closing and eliminating water hammer. It realizes the light load start of the pump and prevents water hammer when the pump is stopped. produce. After starting the water pump motor, the valve will automatically open and close according to the pump operation rules. It is used in the direct water supply and drainage system of industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings, which can reduce the occurrence of water hammer and water hammer, and achieve the effect of safe shutdown.


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