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PTFE Full coated butterfly valve lug butterfly valve

Views: 13     Author: hong     Publish Time: 2020-11-04      Origin: TFW VALVE

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PTFE Full coated butterfly valve lug butterfly valve

PFA Coating Disc U Section Type Butterfly Valve is economically priced but with higher quality and capability full PTFE lining butterfly valve CODE: CBF04-TU01 has installation without restriction in direction of flow and reduced weight and overall dimensions. PFA Coating Disc  Butterfly Valve has high Kv 

Resilient seated butterfly valve is a Double  Flanged design which can be used for dead-end service. This butterfly valve series has many of the design features and benefits , such as high Cv ratings, minimum parts exposed to the line media, greater reliability and a proven record of long service life. A major design advantage of this valve product lines is international compatibility.PTFE Butterfly ValvePFA Butterfly Valve

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