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What is a dismantling joint?

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What is a dismantling joint?

1.What is a dismantling joint?

In the structure of the main expansion joint tube and body and sealing device, can effectively meet the pump and valve products disassembly and maintenance, followed by the practical application, 304 force transfer joint can ensure the good transfer of force in the pipeline system, to avoid the excessive concentration of force in the pipeline system caused by the damage to the pump and valve products, effectively meet the needs of the new industrial pipeline system. The emergence of force transfer joints fundamentally improves the traditional way of installing and laying valves, which brings about an increase in construction costs and hidden dangers in the application process, systematically meets the needs of new industrial piping systems, and is widely used in various pump and valve engineering systems as a new type of piping fittings.

dismantling Joint

2.Dismantling Joint Classification

①.VSSJAFG/CF monoflanged loose sleeve dismantling Joint.

The model number of single flange loose sleeve expansion joint is VSSJAFG (1999 standard) or CF (2002 standard). These two types are the same, but with different standard numbers. They consist of flanged loose sleeve expansion joint, short pipe flange, force puller and other components. It can transmit the pressure thrust of the connected parts (blind force), compensate the installation error of the pipeline, and cannot absorb the axial displacement. It is mainly used for connecting pumps, valves and other accessories of loose sets. Features: flange on one side, welding on the other side, easy to install, easy to install the valve.

②.VSSJAF/C2F double flange loose sleeve dismantling Joint.

C2F double flange loose-fitting dismantling Joint. adopts GB/T12465-2002, the previous model of double flange loose-fitting transfer joint is VSSJAF. double flange transfer joint is suitable for installation of pipeline which is connected with flange on both sides, adjust the installation length of both ends of the product and flange, tighten the diagonal gland bolts evenly so that it becomes a whole and has a certain displacement, which is easy to install and maintain. Adjustment is made according to the site size.

③.VSSJAFC/CC2F detachable double-flange loose coupling.

CC2F detachable double-flange loose coupling is suitable for installing pipelines with flanges on both sides. During installation, the installation length of both ends and flanges of the product are adjusted and the gland bolts are tightened obliquely so that there is a certain displacement of the whole, which facilitates installation and maintenance. The axial thrust can be transferred to the whole pipeline during the working process.

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