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  • BS5152 PN16 Cast Iron Flange Type Globe Valve
    Nominal pressue (MPa) 1.0-1.6
    Nominal diameter(mm) 50-600mm
    Test pressure Shell 1.5-2.4
    (MPa) Seal 1.1-1.76
    Applicable temperature 150
    Applicable medium Fresh water, Sewage, Sea water, Air, Vapor, Food, Medicine, Oils, Acids,Alkalis, etc.
    Operating mode manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, etc.
  • U type butterfly valve
    1. Small in size, light in weight, easy installation and maintenance.
    2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.
    3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving.
    4. Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.
    5. Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.
    6. Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.
  • Double Flange Butterfly Valve
    Size: DN40-DN1000
    Nominal Pressure: PN10/16, 150-300LB
    Working Temperature: -15.C - 135。C
    Suitable Medium: Chemicals, air, water, steam, oil, acides, salts, etc
  • Y-Srainer
    Size DN50—DN600
    Nominal Pressure PN10/PN16
    Working Temperature -10°C~120°C
    Suitable Medium Chemicals,air,water,steam,oil, acids,salts,etc
  • Swing Check Valve (BS5153)
    Swing Check Valve (BS5153)
    Confirm to BS5153 PN16
    Flange Drilled Conforms to BS4504
    Face to face Dimensions Conform to Series 2 of BS5153

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